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Welcome in !

Post by Qc on Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:41 am

Hello and welcome to PurePks clan !

- We are a newly formed clan made up of veteran players as well as new ones.
- Started by a group of friends, the clan's focus is to provide an area where all people can chill, come for advice, and just generally have a good time.

- CC name "sit d0wn090" .

- 2 Owners: Sit D0wn090 + big spudders

Currently there are no clan requirements, and we would love for anyone to join - just join cc in game or message one of the owners or ranks.

Whilst purepks is a pure and zekers pkers, the cc is open doors to any interested players,

We will be hosting weekly clan events that all are invited to; usually Pking but we are open to all ideas so feel free to suggest some in game.

In order to keep the peace, and keep a friendly environment, we implement a few rules that we believe are fair (subject to change):

1. No begging,
2. Respect all fellow clan members,
3. Follow all Jagex rules,
4. Drama is not welcome. Do not cause or encourage it,
5. Trust fellow clan members at your own risk regarding lending/borrowing items. Collateral is recommended,
6. If you have a problem with a clan member, take it to pm to resolve or contact a member of leadership to help you solve the problem,
7. No illegal posts/talk/conversation,
and 8. No scamming.

We also have a discord. Once your are a member of the clan you will be invited to join.

To rank up in the cc you must do some or all of the following: be active, help recruit by bumping this thread, split loot, and attend events.
Full details of ranking system is available in the discord.

We look forward to seeing you in game soon!

"Purepks Clan ranking system"

Recruit (1 Banana)

-Pass the trial week (to show that you're an active member)
-Be active in the cc

Corporal (2 Bananas)

- continue to be active (1 month)
- Be helpful to new members
- Proven their loyalty to progress within the clan

Sergeant (3 Bananas)

- Been seen actively enforcing rules and generally helping people out
- Recruited a longlasting member
- Actively Bumping forum post

Lieutenant (Bronze Star) To obtain this rank you must be:

- Active in the clan
- Trust worthy
- Helpful
- Recruit new members
- Attend future events
- Actively Bumping the forum post

To obtain a rank higher than Lieutenant (bronze star) You must be:

- All of the above
- A long term and active member of the friends chat
- A trusted member
- Able to make decisions regarding the friends chat with other ranks

-Notes: All star ranks will be given a specific roll varying between:
- Recruiter
- Forum Manager
- Event organiser
- Chat Moderator
- Other

* Please note that ranks can not be skipped under any circumstances

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